4-day week, sleep, “Tirailleurs”… The five positive news of the day

Information about the news is not always rosy and can affect morale. With this 100% positive format, which appears every day, we try to make you smile while keeping you informed.

Civil servants work 4 days a week

Gabriel Attal, Ministerial Delegate for Public Accounts, announced on Wednesday that civil servants would experiment with the four-day week. The test will be done with agents of Ursaff de Picardie. For a year, on a voluntary basis, they will test the 36-hour week in four days. This measure is defended by Gabriel Attal, who explains that supporting work also means accepting that some people aspire to work differently.

A first 100% electric truck

The first 100% electric heavy goods vehicle was born in France. It has just been delivered to an Auvergne carrier on the outskirts of Vichy. The car weighs 44 tons and has a range of 300 kilometers.

Cancer: encouraging results

Researchers at Toulouse Oncopole, an advanced cancer research center, are in the process of developing a personalized vaccine to prevent recurrence in affected patients in the ENT field. Clinical trials are inconclusive so far. A new phase will begin this year.

“Tirailleurs” exceeds the number of one million

the movie “Skirmishers“, released on January 4, is the first French film to surpass one million entries this year. Mathieu Vadepied’s feature film, starring Omar Sy, was presented at the opening of the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival.

They want to revive the dodo

The dodo, a ridiculously large flightless bird, became extinct at the end of the 17th century. Scientists want to revive it. To do this, they would like to sequence the dodo’s genome and mix it with that of a nearby animal that is currently alive. This technique would move specific genetic traits between bird species to protect them as habitats shrink and the climate warms.

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