5 actresses who played Cleopatra

The tragic story of Cleopatra has inspired filmmakers around the world. This million-page character will forever be the object of our intrigue. Among the many actresses who have played the Queen of Egypt on film, Vogue shines a light on the five most memorable.

Claudette Colbert in Cleopatra (1934)

To tell the story of the turbulent love life of the Queen of Egypt, the American director Cecil B. DeMille called the French actress Claudette Colbert. The release of the film was met with scandal surrounded as Hays The censorship code had just been passed and the actress’ clothes were no longer acceptable. That same year, Claudette Colbert also jumped New York-Miami. tea Frank Capra the movie won The Oscars in each category, while Cleopatra just got nominated.

Claudette Colbert in “Cleopatra”

Photo12.com – Cinema Collection / Photo12 via AFP

Vivien Leigh in “Caesar AND Cleopatra” (1945)

In this historical drama directed by Gabriel Pascal, Claude Rains plays alongside Vivien Leigh who transforms into the theater queen of Egypt. Inspired by the game from Bernard Shaw, Gabriel Pascal chose the British actress even though she was older than the heroine. The costume department run by Oliver Messel went to great lengths to provide this Cleopatra a true goddess-like allure. Vivien Leigh’s stunning outfits with incredible head dresses, exquisite jewelry and intricate gowns are unforgettable.

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