a nightmarish trailer for the Stephen King film adaptation

Feature film i Rob Savage, Boogeyman adapting the work of Stephen Kingis revealed in a nightmarish trailer.

Stories of the bogeyman are certainly not new. Wes Craven’s Freddy traumatized several generations while Jeepers Creeperstrue old school revival, scared the public in the early 2000s. For his part, the master of fantasy literature Stephen King also offered his disturbing figures, from the famous clown of that with that of the Boogeyman (or The Croque-mitaine), who appeared in a short story published in 1973. This lesser-known character was only adapted in short film form.

This is why Rob Savage’s project (host, Britain) intrigued, the director who had decided to transpose Boogeyman In cinema. Information about the film has been scarce since its release, but luckily that mystery has just been partially alleviated. via a first trailer.

This trailer is based on a very classic premise, specific to bogeyman stories, with in particular the first scene during which the father of the family reassures his child by demonstrating that there is no monster hiding in the closet. These images play heavily on the principle of suggestion and the urban legend aspect of the evil creature, including when the little girl appears to be horrified to discover his presence under her bed.

As a reminder, the cast of The Boogeyman includes Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher and David Dastmalchian. For his part, Mark Heyman (Mother!) wrote the screenplay, based on the original work by Stephen King and the joint work of Scott Beck, Bryan Woods (the screenwriting duo of No sound) and Akela Cooper (M3GAN), who had submitted a first version of the script. The writing was therefore entrusted to an experienced team that will please all lovers of the short story as well as admirers of the novelist in general.

“I see people who are not… The Boggeyman”

From there to guarantee the success of the company, that is the question? And it will still be necessary to wait before being able to judge the result. In all cases, Boogeyman will be released in a generally favorable context for horror films (given the success of Smile, Horror 2 Where M3GAN) and could very well capitalize on this trend at the box office. Boogeyman will hit theaters on May 31, 2023.

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