a promising new movie is announced!

Batman and Robin will return to cinemas in an all-new DCU version completely rebooted by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Rumors hinted at it, James Gunn teased it, the DCU has officially been rebooted from A to Z, and the projects are legion. Finished Henry Cavill in Superman or even Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, James Gunn and Peter Safran unleash the heavy artillery to put together their vision of the DCU to make Marvel cringe.

Batman and Robin return to the cinema

Except for a reboot of the man of steel with The legacy of SupermanGunn and Safran have just announced The brave and the bolda film that will feature the famous duo Batman and Robin on the infamous streets of Gotham City.
If information about the project is extremely thin at the moment, it is said that the film should focus on the relationship between the two vigilantes. The film will introduce us to a brand new Dark Knight, completely different from Robert Pattinson’s, who will continue his solo journey at his side with Batman 2.

Robin, meanwhile, should be the fifth version of the vigilante in the comics, namely Damien Wayne, and not Jason Todd or Dick Grayson as one might think. A version of Robin that Gunn and Safran particularly appreciate, they also refer to the latter as a true “killer” and “little son of a p***”. Charming.

For this new DCU, the new Batman and Robin feature film should be very faithful to the comics by Grant Morrison and Tom King. News that should please fans as the comics written by the two men are particularly popular and appreciated by older readers.

The cast is currently unknown and we don’t yet know which actors will be chosen to don the cape of this new version of Gotham’s vigilantes. More information will certainly arrive soon, for now, it’s time for serial announcements. Batman & Robin The Brave and Bold there is no release date at this time. It is also reported that he will open the way for the film Super girlwas also announced on the occasion of this overhaul of the DCU.

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