Aboard Celebrity Beyond, an all-female cruise

Kate McCue leads a crew made up of almost half women. At the helm of Celebrity Cruises’ latest ship, she manages a 327-foot yacht that oozes luxury.

To the macho challenge of “who has the biggest?” she often wins. From the runway of Celebrity Beyond, Kate McCue reigns over a 140,000 ton building with 17 decks. Its badge warns: “Don’t call it a boat. “Size matters,” smiles the commander. When she is worth $1.3 billion, she is no longer a boat but a ship…” At 44, she is the first woman to command a cruise line as soon as she leaves the Saint-Nazaire Shipyards . “It’s like giving birth. Intense, painful maneuvers and finally a happiness that overwhelms you”, she describes with bright eyes.

Kate, a San Francisco native, has leadership and pageantry in her blood. Far from the cliché of the white-bearded captain, she confesses her profession set in Louboutins. At age 12, getting off her first family cruise, she told her father, “When I grow up, I want to organize all these cool things. Dad replies that she can do whatever she wants, even drive the boat if she wants. “The seed was planted. Later, he joined the Naval Academy at California State University. My grandfather was in the Navy, but as a kid, my only reference was “Fun Cruising.” »

What will happen after this commercial?

“Beyond” star Captain Kate is an influencer. A status she shares with Bug, the sphynx cat that follows her everywhere and that passengers chase for a selfie. Three million followers on TikTok for her, 58,000 on Instagram for her naked cat (@bugnaked ). “Social media is a great tool to put a face behind a badge, show the behind-the-scenes of life at sea and, above all, get other women to want to join this very male-dominated industry, ” she explains. Her deck officers on this ship, 70% women (including first, second and third officers), won’t say otherwise. Knowing that only 2% of sailors are women, they represent more than 40% of the personnel on board.

What will happen after this commercial?

In this futuristic ship, the cabins are designed to go beyond the standards

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As in a palace, Celebrity Beyond delivers an impeccable performance. Art is everywhere, from the deck to the cabins. At the front, an ultra-VIP section, The Retreat, offers exclusive spaces and services if you’ve come to seek peace and enjoyment without wanting to mingle with the crowd. As for the cuisine, the indisputable buffet is more than rich (a dozen themed stands), and the choice between 14 restaurants is difficult. Gourmets can enjoy the specialty tables or the very intimate Le Voyage, with a menu signed by French chef Daniel Boulud.

In 1,646 staterooms and suites, an NBA basketball player could sleep spaciously in the luxurious king-size beds. Everywhere, the emphasis is on well-being, mind and spirit. Home automation is also well thought out: with the pressure of the index finger on the app Famous Cruises we adjust the temperature of our cabin, we book our dinner, our yoga class, or our Botox injections at the spa.
Overlooking the sea, the latest and most luxurious addition to the Celebrity Edge range is full of panoramic bars and rooftop gardens. Shops, casinos, quality shows in the big theater, clubs (even during the day!), there is something for all tastes and all ages. But only one lady on board! 

What will happen after this commercial?

What will happen after this commercial?

From 1600 euros for 10 days and 9 nights in the Mediterranean, with full board (drinks, service and Wi-Fi).

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