Actress Rebecca Balding (Charmed) dies suddenly at the age of 66.

Hollywood has just lost one of its representatives, Rebecca Balding. Caroline Williams, cousin of the deceased actress, announced the sad news on social networks. ” My cousin died in Salt Lake City. Although we weren’t close as adults, she had a huge impact on my interest in comedy and show business. She met her charming husband, James L. Conway (a filmmaker, editor’s note), on Boogens. Mother, wife, actress, she has done it all “, she posted. The news about the death of the actress was confirmed by her husband in a statement to People magazine. A message in which he specifies that his late wife died on Monday while she was battling ovarian cancer.

With great excitement, James L. Conway returned to meet the one who accompanied him for more than 40 years. “ I was acting for the film Boogens. Rebecca auditioned. We talked, she passed the casting, and when I left, I turned to the associate producer and told him that I could marry this girl. She was held at the casting. The first week of filming we went out together. One Saturday evening, she proposed to me. And four weeks later, while we were still on set, we got married. Of course, no one thought it would last. And that was 41 years ago.”he wrote.

Born in Arkansas, Rebecca Balding studied drama at the University of Kansas before flying to Chicago where she began performing on stage. Like many actors, she then tried her luck in Hollywood. His first appearance on the small screen dates back to 1976 and in the series Super Jamie. She also appeared in the series Starsky and Hutch, Makin’It, Soap, Cagney and Lacey, Sacrée famille, Brothers, The Falling Man or MacGyver. She also played in 7 at Home, Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, ER and most recently played Elise Rothman/Aunt Jackie in the Fascinated.

Rebecca Balding, who has starred in many television movies, also has a handful of films to her credit. Movie buffs could see it The silence that kills of Denny Harris, famous Boogens by James L. Conway and in Yesterday’s dreams by Scott Thomas.

Clara Kolodny

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