Amel Bent dares an ultra tight dress with sexy retro and gothic accents

What will happen after this commercial?


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Amel Bent has posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a surprising outfit: a very tight dress with retro accents.

Amel Bent is very active on social networks, especially on Instagram. She is followed by more than 894,000 people! A community that never fails to support his every release. In the last one, she appears in a photo and then in a video, in a very surprising and unusual outfit. Amel Bent chose an ultra tight black dress. Until then, nothing to be surprised about as the singing star likes to appear in chic and tight outfits. However, the shape of the flared sleeves and the shape of the bottom of the dress also flared give this outfit has retro accents. The neckline is not clear and the collar is too high (and wrinkled). On her torso we see a line of buttons that add style to her outfit. that the figure-hugging shape highlights her figuree: her waist is enlarged, her hips are accentuated… This original outfit is unanimous with her community commenting on her publication: “Manificent”, “Classy”, “Superb, a little Wednesday Addams side”... Indeed, fans see in this black look a resemblance to that Addams Family’s macabre yet charming star, Wednesday Addams. It’s true that this outfit with retro accents also has a slightly gothic side that has been very fashionable since the arrival of the Netflix series.

On the shoe side, Amel Bent made one trend choice : a pair of boots with a thin heel and pointed toe. We see this kind of boots everywhere in 2023 : is definitely a pair to have in your dressing room. Lastly, her beauty treatment is very successful, as usual. Indeed, Amel Bent very often appears with excellent makeup. Here, she opted for a black smoky eye, a fresh complexion and nude lipstick.

What will happen after this commercial?

Amel Bent at the top of the 2023 fashion trends

Amel Bent is always on top of trends. In fact, the star has already adopted total look in jeans who promises be fashionable in 2023, but also trending dusty pink in a tight draped dress for the set of The Voice. She also adopted long denim skirt, one of the pieces you will absolutely have in your dressing room in 2023. Amel Bent is a singer, but also a fashionista!

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