Angèle is the cover star of the February 2023 issue of Vogue France

of music it is one of the shortest routes to excitement. In this matter, Angela paves the way and ignites France with its bubbling temper. With her cheerful face and her irresistible voice, the Belgian singer makes a splash without appearing.

Sometimes femme baby, sometimes femme fatale, Angela, a thousand aspects, is above all a girl apart. Today an extraordinary guest of French Voguegiven with an open heart to the writer Arthur Dreyfus who readily admits to being a fan of the girl, of the character…

Sometimes a childlike woman, sometimes a femme fatale, Angèle, a thousand facets, is above all a girl separated Vogue France February 2023

And its paradoxes. “Flawless icon, queen of student humor. Love couples but straight pamphlets. Ultimate ambitions, intimate simplicity… Personality and career ofAngela it seems to unite the opposites”, he writes. The secret? Her honesty, which gives her the courage and carelessness to write about intimate topics such as lesbian love, bisexuality, being a woman, fame and the very private relationship she has with the media and her audience. timid, Angela ? No. A lustful nature. The will, also the red thread of this number in which we love each other and where we feel good, a tribute to a femininity that does not doubt anything.

The February 2023 issue of Vogue France, on newsstands January 31 and online

Angela wears a white halterneck swimsuit and white shorts in open cotton voile trimmed with lace, CHANEL.
Coco Crush Stud Earrings, Coco Crush Earrings, Eternal n°5 Transformable Earring, Moon Single Earring, CHANEL. Eternal No. 5 Earring and Bouton de Camélia Earring, all in 18k white gold and diamonds, LANGUAGE CHANEL.
makeup CHANEL with Ultra Le Teint Fluide B10, Espresso Waterproof Eyeliner, Allure Noir Eyeshadow, Rouge Coco Baume Passion Pink and on nails, Top Coat.
Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch.
Exercising Vanessa Reid.
Beauty treatment Cecile Paravina.
hairdressing Odile Gilbert.
Manicure Cam Tran.

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Photography: Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Realization: Vanessa Reid
Interview: Arthur Dreyfus

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