Angelina Jolie with her children for “The Eternals”, her daughter Zahara pulls out an Oscars dress

Angelina Jolie made its grand premiere Eternal (The Eternals for the French version) a family affair. The 46-year-old American star was not alone on the red carpet of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood yesterday evening, but she was accompanied by almost all of her children. Maddox (20 years), Zahara (16 years old), Shiloh (15 years old) as well twins Vivienne and Knox (13 years old) all came to support their mother for this grand event. The family was still incomplete, asone child was missing, Pax (17 years).

What happiness for Angelina Jolie to have lived this first surrounded so well, especially since one of her daughters has chosen to highlight one of her old dresses. In effect, Zahara shone with a thousand lights in a sublime Elie Saab gown which has not failed to make us dive into the past. Angelina Jolie wore this dress to the Oscars 2014. We remember that at that time love was still in shape with Brad Pitt. The charming couple had walked in the red carpet together.

For the first one Eternal, Angelina Jolie chose a simpler dress than at the Oscars. The Hollywood star dressed up her svelte figure in a long strapless Balmain dress that draped down the front. Shoulders bare, she revealed some of her many tattoos. For accessories, Brad Pitt’s ex who has recently multiplied dinners with his former companions has chosen to decorate his mouth with a gold jewel.

The release of the highly-anticipated newest Marvel has been announced for several weeks in France. The superhero movie arrives on November 3rd in our darkrooms. In the program: since the dawn of humanity, the Eternals, a group of heroes from the fringes of the universe, have protected Earth. When the Deviants, monstrous creatures long thought extinct, mysteriously reappear, the Eternals are forced to band together again to protect humanity… Angelina Jolie stars as Thena.

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