Babylon: what you need to know about Damien Chazelle’s new film with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt

The next movie to mark on your agenda? Babylon. This new rewrite of Hollywood’s golden age is slated for 2023 and directed by Damien Chazelle offers a new light, between fiction and reality, on the film industry and one of its founding moments: the arrival of words in cinema, an art that had been silent until then. While we already know the Franco-American director very well for his appetite for musical films such as whipping, The First Man and la la landfor which he won the Oscar for best director in 2016, everything suggests the arrival of a new masterpiece with Babylon. Here’s everything we already know about it.

A Hollywood plot

As a dive into 1920s Hollywood, Babylon presented as a historical drama about a great cultural revolution of the time: the moment when cinema began to speak. This evolution towards a more modern industry was difficult in many ways for actors and actresses (suppression of mimicry and exaggerated acting, work with dictions, difficult reception from the public, etc.), who see their disappearance in the same time with that of silence. the cinema. It is at this point of the historical rift that the crux of the plot lies. While some characters must be entirely fictional, others will be inspired by real personalities such as Charlie Chaplin AND John Gilbertemblematic figures of the silent era, Clara Bowicon of the roaring twenties, gold Anna May Wonganother popular actress (but still suffering from a lack of minority representation on the sets and screens of Western cinema, as ryan murphyHollywood series already mentioned in 2020).

A star-studded cast

It is perhaps in its cast that the strength of this feature film lies at the moment. Margot Robbiewho is currently at the center of cultural news with the film Barbie from Greta Gerwighas been chosen for the main role of Clara Bow. The Australian actress will share the lead with him Brad Pittwho will play John Gilbert. Four years later Once upon a time…in Hollywood from Quentin Tarantinothese two cinematic counterparts can revive this age once again.

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