Batman 2, Batman & Robin… James Gunn announces big changes for the DCU

James Gunn revealed his long-awaited plan to save DC and revive the DCU, including major Batman news.

In June 2013, DC kicked off the superhero race with man of steel and its DCEU debut to hopefully compete with the Marvel franchise. Almost ten years later, the machine has completely failed in terms of movies and domestic entertainment, with the DCEU falling back on the whims of Warner’s guidelines. So the studio decided to completely change the formula and hired James Gunn (who had already worked for them Suicide Squad) and Peter Safran to revamp the DCEU, now called the DCU.

The plans of the two new CEOs of the franchise were revealed on January 31, 2023, as promised by the director emeritus of Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of 2022. Of the five films announced, incl a Superman movie, and some very attractive series, so he revealed a new project about Batman. A Batman that will be completely different from the one embodied by Robert Pattinson in Batman. We take stock of the two Batmans who will make up the DC universe in the futurein particular thanks to the information transmitted by variety, present at the conference of Gunn and Safran.

The Pattinson version of BATMAN

Fans of Pattinson’s version of the Dark Knight can rest assured that James Gunn and Peter Safran have no desire to undo his arc. On the contrary, both men announced it Batman will really be entitled to a self-titled sequel for now Batman: Part II. Therefore it is an official green light for the continuation of the adventures of Knight Pattinson.

As part of the announcement of this Phase 1 of the DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran even specified that Matt Reeves planned to make a trilogy about the character and that the series penguin proved well. The movies and series will be part of a larger “criminal saga” surrounding Gotham, according to James Gunn.

At the same time, who would have the nerve to download it?

The director even revealed that to carve this announcement in stone without a doubt official release date Batman: Part II : October 3, 2025 (in the US). However, an important clarification was made during the Gunn and Safran conference: the movies Batman by Matt Reeves (as well as The Penguin series) will not be part of the new DCU.

In a logic of explanations, this version of the Dark Knight integrates DC Elseworlds, a universe name created for the occasion, which will include all projects that are not part of the new DCU films. Therefore, we can count in DC Elseworlds, for example, Joker: Madness for two with Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga (still slated for October 4, 2024) as well as the possible Superman produced by JJ. Abrams. One thing is for sure, the events of DC Elseworlds are not intended to have any bearing on the new DCU.

The Batman: photo, Robert PattinsonHang in there, we confirm for the rest


Indeed, for the new DCU, James Gunn and Peter Safran have revealed that a brand new Batman and Robin movie is in the works. So, they announced to launch a movie with the name The brave and the bold. It will star Bruce Wayne and his son Damien Wayne, who James Gunn described as “His favorite Robin, a little son of a whore, a murderer and a murderer.” The story is set to be “a very strange kind of father-son story” following a Bruce Wayne learning about Damien, his biological son, after about ten years and taking him under his wing.

The brave and the bold will be the first “Bat-Family” movie as called by James Gunn. This “Bat-Family” arc will be the way to establish the members of this family one by one, and therefore this first film will be the opportunity to start hostilities with the Dark Knight’s most emblematic ally, aka Robin . The film will be based on the Batman comics written by Grant Morrisonwhose influence will be “huge” in the new DCU according to James Gunn.

Comic Database: Batman & Robin Morrison VersionGrant Morrison’s version

Gunn and Safran have not yet released details about the other members of the upcoming “Bat Family.” One thing is for sure, they specified that this new Batman will not be played by Robert Pattinson (being part of the DC Elseworlds with Batman) or Ben Affleck (who is not supposed to return). In the coming months, there will be another actor as well as a director.

At this point, this is the only information available about this new Batman and The brave and the bold there is no official release date set.

In short, Therefore, the DC universe will be entitled to two Batmans for the price of one. On the one hand, Robert Pattinson’s version of DC Elseworlds with the trilogy Batman. In turn, a brand new version of the Dark Knight to lead the DCU. This clears things up and makes you want more.

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