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The release date for ‘The Batman’ sequel isn’t the only DC announcement James Gunn has made about Batman. At the same time, the film “The Brave and the Bold” about the hero and Robin (alias Damian Wayne) will see the light of day.

Two Batmans for the price of one video announcement. When they revealed the first titles of their DC Universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran not only revealed the release date of the sequel to the Matt Reeves film worn by Robert Pattinson.

The director and producer have indeed announced that a film called The Brave and the Bold will also see the light of day and that it will introduce the Batman of their new shared universe.

Inspired by the comic books created by Grant Morrison in 2009, the feature film will mark Robin’s return to cinema. But the latter will not be Dick Grayson (later Nightwing) or Jason Todd (killed by the Joker and then returned as the Red Hood), but Damian Wayne, his latest incarnation.

Or Bruce’s son, genetically perfected and developed in an artificial womb, raised by Talia Al Ghul. He was raised in the League of Assassins where he quickly learned to kill and it was at the age of ten that his existence was revealed to his father. Violent and sometimes indiscriminate, he confronts then-Robin Tim Drake and becomes a new version of Batman’s partner himself after stealing a suit.

In excellent comic books, collected in series “Batman & Robin”, their companionship is not easy for the Bat-Man, as his refusal to kill goes against his son’s murderous impulses. A gold mine in terms of resources and dramatic conflicts that the feature film can dig into without difficulty.

“Damian Wayne is my favorite Robin”said James Gunn on video announcement new DC projects. “He’s a little assassin that Bruce is trying to get back on track. [Le film racontera] their story, and it will be the beginning of the DC Universe Bat-Family in a way.”

Are we to conclude that Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake will be there too? And who will be given the two main roles? One last question that will likely haunt Hollywood in the coming months. If Damian could be played by a lesser-known actor, if at all, Batman still risks envy.

Will James Gunn and Peter Safran leave Ben Affleck in place, in an older Bruce Wayne role to go with this fatherhood? Or start over? An answer we may not have right away, because the release of the first installments of this Phase I of the DCU, titled “Gods and Monsters” (“Gods and Monsters”), will start in 2025.

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