Beauty Story – Harry Styles Met Gala 2019 nail polish

Harry Styles is an emblematic figure of “gender fluid” fashion. Invited to Met Gala 2019the star caused a sensation with her gold jewelry and her colorful nail polish. A performance that immediately took off male manicure in a piping symbol.

Author of the album Harry’s house shake up the fashion codes from protecting an unconventional aesthetic. He sharpens Her “gender fluid” look flanked by stylists Harry Lambert, who notably produced the Harry Styles x Gucci campaign, or even Harris Reed, an iconic actor in gender neutral fashion.

In 2019, Harry Styles brings a new identity in nail art. If in the past, rockers like David Bowie, Steven Tyler, Jared Leto Where kurt cobain dared to wear nail polish, today all men, regardless of their sexual orientation, their professional activity or their background, can show off painted nails as they see fit.

In November 2021, the British singer goes further by launchingIt doesn’t have its own brand of gender-neutral beauty. Named Satisfying, offers lip balm, elegant nail polish, but also vegan and no-style make-up. The star thus follows in his footsteps Selena GomezRihanna or Kylie Jenner who launched their own cosmetics brand. According to Fantastic viewproduction of Satisfying awakened strong interest in nail polish among men. Retailer page found a maximum of 457% in searches for the term “manicure for men” and’a 3,329% increase in easy manual nail art. Even in social networks, the “male Pole” is becoming more democratic. Hashtags #malepolish #guyswithnailpolish or #boyswithnailpolish accumulate millions of views.

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Nail polish for men, the new normal?

If in the 80s-90s nail polish was the stereotype of belonging to the grunge universe, that time is now over. Celebrities multiplyshow with painted nails on the red carpet. Stylist Marc Jacobsrapper Bad Bunny, Brad Pitt, Shawn MendesNail art for men is the new normal.

During the last years, Rapper A$AP Rocky has also emerged as a fiery ambassador for male nail art.I feel that men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine“, he said in an interview with Vogue in 2019.

Nail art for men, the star trend of Met Gala 2022

After creating the event at the Met Gala 2019, men’s manicure earned its letters of nobility at the photowalk of the Met Gala 2022. If sophisticated make-up and glamorous silhouettes were the order of the day, men’s manicurists have also taken pride of place on the red carpet. Shawn Mendez’s navy blue, Evan Mock’s dark nails, Paak’s colorful nail art and Joe Jonas or Ben Platt’s fake nails. A new era of inspiration and style!

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