Beth Ditto ‘not surprised’ by Karl Lagerfeld’s comments about…

In the columns of Parisian magazine, on newsstands Friday June 28, Beth Ditto hit back at the words of Karl Lagerfeld, who had deemed her “too big.”

“I wanted to show women that it is possible to be comfortable with your body”. It rose to the top of the music scene 10 years ago, mainly thanks to the title Heavy cross of the band Gossip, whose singer she was, Beth Ditto has always used her fame and success to convey messages that are close to her heart. Among them: self-acceptance. Now she is “proud to have contributed to the evolution of mindsets on this topic”as she explains in the columns of Parisian magazineon newsstands Friday, June 28.

Often the victim of criticism for her weight, the singer has also had to face the harsh statements of Karl Lagerfeld, who a few years ago declared that he had found her. “very big”. A sentence that has no “surprised”Ditto Beth, who today holds absolutely no grudge against the fashionable Kaiser, who died last February. “Karl Lagerfeld was fat himself and hated himself for it.”explains the American star, who then decides on the spot for the artistic director of Chanel, who in the past has sparked a lot of controversy about “curvy women” : “He was a genius, but that didn’t stop him from saying a lot of stupid things”.

However, not disgusted with the world of fashion, Beth Ditto has never refused to attend a Chanel show, and has also found her good graces Jean Paul Gaultierwhich made it spin in 2010. A gesture “very bad” for the singer. “It’s very punk to succeed in being accepted by an environment that, in essence, was not created for you”she explains.

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