Box Office: “Avatar” is approaching 6 million and the record of the year

“Avatar: The Way of the Water” drew even more viewers for its second week in French cinemas, approaching 6 million admissions, and may hope to dethrone “Top Gun: Maverick” as the biggest hit of the year.

In total, during the week, James Cameron’s sci-fi film attracted 3 million cinemagoers, 10% more than its first week – when it already had the best start of the year.

3:12 , which has already crossed $1 billion worldwide in revenue, crushes the competition by a large margin, accounting for two out of three theatrical entries.

A total of 5.75 million people have seen the film since its release in France.

It has just one million admissions left until Dec. 31 to overtake Tom Cruise and “Top Gun: Maverick,” which previously held the title, with 6.76 million admissions since its release in May.

By comparison, in 2009, the first Avatar drew 1.806 million viewers during its first five days in theaters, to finish its career with a total of 14 million viewers. On a global scale, the film was the biggest success in history, with nearly three billion euros in revenue.

Far back this week in France, Dreamworks’ animated film “Puss in Boots 2” takes advantage of the holidays and school holidays and collects 550,000 admissions, as does “Kingdom of the Stars” (126,000 admissions), neck and neck with ” Ernest and Celestine , Journey to Charabie”.

“Avatar: Waterway”: 3,010,310 admissions (5,750,158 in two weeks) – 766 copies

“Puss in Boots 2”: 548,895 admissions (1,483,329 in three weeks) – 995 copies

“Kingdom of Stars”: 126,993 admissions (440,310 in three weeks) – 698 copies

“Ernest and CĂ©lestine, le Voyage en Charabie”: 126,284 admissions (298,251 in two weeks) – 186 copies

“Black Panther – Wakanda Forever”: 123,548 admissions (3,419,661 in seven weeks) – 318 copies

Cbo Box-Office figures for the week of December 21-27

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