Branded sweater, bow tie and bag: pets play with luxury and bling-bling

(ETX Daily Up) – Gucci, Prada and Christian Louboutin no longer only dress men and women, but also care for pets. And it’s a real success! Clothes for our four-legged friends are booming, to the point that the biggest luxury houses are taking it over to offer more crazy and fun looks than ever.

Are pets becoming fashion icons? Some will say that the phenomenon is not new, but it was limited until now to star dogs and in flux animals, these animals that are a hit on social networks. That’s the case of Doug The Pug, a clay from Nashville with a following of 3.7 million followers on Instagram – almost as many as Lena Situations – as cute as he is stylish. Now, luxury houses are working to design entire collections for dogs, and it’s clear that they can now assert themselves in looks that are more elegant than ever.

The dog wears Prada

Nothing is too good for man’s best friend and luxury homes have understood this well. There are countless companies that now offer the full pet range, with luxury items, sometimes bling-bling, often at exorbitant prices. And the most surprising thing is to see that these creations are perfectly in line with the current trends. Fleeces, crochet, tartan and other ugly Christmas sweaters are the cover pets are decked out in, to their delight – or not.

Evidenced by the Gucci house, which unveiled in 2022 an entire collection for dogs and cats. And it’s not just a few objects scattered here and there, but a whole range of clothing, accessories and other household items. A mohair hat 350 euros, a coat 710 euros, a bowl 1,400 euros, a set of travel bowls 3,400 euros, even a basket 6,500 euros… When you love, it doesn’t count. And there is no doubt that many owners – or adoptive parents – of these beautiful balls of fur will not hesitate to match the price for (to) have fun.

Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Barbour, Tiffany & Co., Celine, and even Christian Louboutin are among the big houses that offer permanent collections for pets, and more specifically for the dogs that make it up. new fashion targets. And the phenomenon seems to be going even further in recent months with products that look the same as those offered for men, women or children.

On top of the trends

Let’s just say, pet clothing and accessories today are nothing like what we’ve known in the past. They are directly inspired by the menswear and womenswear that these same luxury houses parade every year at Fashion Week. Proof, for the first time, Pitti Uomo, which kicked off men’s fashion week in Italy, offered a space entirely dedicated to clothing and accessories for hairballs, Pittipets. It wouldn’t be surprising to see models parading around in no time accompanied by these loyal, perfectly suited companions.

You only have to go to the e-shops of the biggest luxury houses to see that the clothes offered for dogs and cats are directly inspired by the catwalks. We discover the famous flag sweater and a quilted jacket at Ralph Lauren, a nylon hooded jacket “inspired by designs from the men’s and women’s collections” at Prada, a dog bag in “Monogram” canvas presented as a “version revisited of the classic Louis Vuitton model”, or chains directly inspired by the famous shoes of Christian Louboutin. It is enough to build a real dressing room in the image of your dog.

Already well established, the phenomenon has not finished swelling according to the figures revealed by Guardian. UK media reports that the global pet clothing market is expected to be worth $7 billion by 2032, with annual growth of 5%. A good way for brands that have found a new way to diversify.

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