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It’s a Battle Royale

The matchup mode is actually a Battle Royale: 10 players are thrown into an arena and only one player (or a duo) can win. The area is gradually shrinking, forcing the participants to advance towards the center of the arena and various objects must be picked up and used.

Of course, the games are much faster here since there are fewer players involved than in other titles that oppose up to 100 people.


You should get a drink

There are everywhere, to open to get some kind of drink, essential to win the game. The catch is that you have to deal damage to be able to open the chests, which requires the use of ammo. If you don’t have much, it can be a problem.

Of course, you can also fight opponents because they drop drinks when they die: go collect them to enjoy them!


Fog can be helpful

As you go, the area shrinks: watch out for the green mist because it deals very high damage. But it’s also kind of cool because you can push your opponents in!

Of course, be careful not to get stuck because your tactics will then backfire. Pay special attention to objects that can catch you.


It is possible to create ambushes

There is a lot of tall grass, which makes hiding possible. If you stay there long enough, you can heal and set up ambushes! If you are in a duo, it is even better because one of the two can serve as a distraction.

In general, take advantage of the arena by hiding behind walls, for example. This is essential if you play a character that doesn’t have a huge health bar.

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