Bridget Jones: return to Renée Zellweger’s transformation for the film

Renée Zellweger did not take her preparation for the cult comedy “Bridget Jones’s Diary” lightly. The actress worked incognito in a publishing house for three weeks, challenging her colleagues with a strange detail…

Bridget Jones’s Diary : a heroine of modern times

In 2001, six years after the publication of the novel of the same name byHelen Fielding, the most famous British bachelor on the planet arrives in theaters at Bridget Jones’s Diary. A comedy directed by Sharon Maguire in which Renee Zellweger gives its features to the heroine, an employee of a publishing house run by Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant), which does not leave him insensitive.

During New Year’s Eve, Bridget meets Mark Darcy (Colin Firth), a slightly tense lawyer with whom communication starts badly. But after this difficult departure, she discovers the kindness and gentleness of this dangerous sweater lover. As she tries to respect her good decisions, namely to slow down on cigarettes and alcohol and diligently keep her diary, the heroine finds herself in a real emotional gallery. Between Daniel and Mark, she doesn’t know what to choose.

Bridget Jones’s Diary ©STUDIOCANAL

Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent AND Shirley Henderson complete the cast of the cult film. A feature film for which Renée Zellweger has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. A well-deserved distinction for the actress, as funny as she is touching, who was extremely involved in the project.

Renee Zellweger’s transformation

In an interview given to and quoted from the site She. ie, Renée Zellweger reveals that she lived the daily life of Bridget Jones before filming. So she worked in a publishing house in London, hiding his true profession and true identity, taking that of a certain Bridget Cavendish. The actress says about this:

I got to know his social and cultural references, I understood what his daily responsibilities were. After all, I knew why I was sitting at that table.

For three weeks, Renée Zellweger was in charge of sending books to journalists and sorting reviews, while taking care of coffee for her colleagues. During this experience, the latter do not notice anything but a detail attracts them. As related The Independentthey are surprised to see a framed photo of Jim Carrey on his desk.

At that time, the actress was in a relationship with her partner from Irene’s fools, which is why she likes having him around. In addition to this professional immersion, Renée Zellweger also gained 14 kilograms for her role, taking no less than 4000 calories per day. An inclusion that contributes to make Bridget Jones an iconic character in the cinema, after her success in the bookstore.

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