“But what a fool she is! “: Yann Barthes tackles a big star in the Daily

Monday, January 30, 2023, on his show daily at TMC, Yann Barthes did not give a gift to a very famous figure in the world of fashion. Returning to Paris Fashion Week, the presenter indulged in a dig at the icon.

From Tuesday 17 January to Sunday 22 January 2023 The Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Week was held in Paris. Obviously an event. followed by the show daily in TMC and from the journalist Etienne Carbonnierwho introduced his famous chronicle Sweatyin which he wanted to take stock of the fashion event. The columnist first reviewed many personalities present in the French capital, that the teams of daily were able to meet: by Olivier Rousteing, in Rossy de Palma, via Kylie Jenner, especially. Before proposing, in a humorous tone, a selection of different looks, each more surprising than the other, from clothes to hairstyles. Or even to mock the followers of the fashion event, for some particularly intense ones.

“But she doesn’t really answer either? (…) What a fool she is”

The teams of daily also passeda famous British-American journalist, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the American edition of the magazine vogue since 1988. The 73-year-old world personality, who ignored the microphones of the field teams, drew the ire of Yann Barthes. She’s watching and it’s actually not worth it“, Etienne Carbonnier gives ironically, after a “how are you doingfrom a journalist in the country remained unanswered.

Known for his lack of tongue in pocket, former presenter little diary on Canal + that’s why he didn’t go dead handed with one of the world’s fashion figures: But she doesn’t really answer either? (…) What a fool she is“, he says in an annoyed tone. Another shovel after the one sent in the direction of Pascal Proudanchor on CNews, in December 2022 after multiple blows from both sides: “They are still all rags because I opened my mouth again. We got really yelled at and then he told the manager“. Again, no filter.

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