“But what is that fool!” : Yann Barthès goes up against an international star in Quotidien

This Monday, January 30 in the show daily, aired on TMC, journalist Étienne Carbonnier wrote his column at Fashion Week from Paris, which ended on Sunday 22nd January. After the display of images of some well-known characters present in various catwalks, such as the Spanish actress Rossy de PalmaAmerican singer Doja Cat or model Ines de La Fressangehe revealed sequence during which he “Having a little chat with Anna Wintour”, well-known magazine editor American fashion.

This is how we hear one of the journalists from dailymicrophone in hand in the background, ask what we nicknamed the High Priestess of Fashion, dark glasses on the nose, how is she. The interested party then takes a quick look at the camera and hurries to look away. An attitude that has not failed to annoy even the TV presenter, Yann Barthès. “Oh la la… But she doesn’t even answer, actually”, he left in exasperation. Not enough to discourage the reporter, who tried again by asking Anna Wintour how she found the famous parade. Second failed attempt since editor-in-chief of the magazine American Vogue went on his way, the air of nothingness. “It looks, but in fact it’s not worth it” Etienne Carbonnier summed up. It was stronger than him, Yann Barthès can not help but sway, points for tat: “But what is that stupid …”

© TMC screenshotAnna Wintour sought out by the Quotidien team during Paris Fashion Week 2023.

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A diabolical looking reporter?

The least we can say is thisAnna Wintour is known for her impressive longevity at the helm of the famous American fashion magazine, for her blond frame and of course for her mysterious demeanor that allows her to maintain a certain status. Except this, the 73-year-old journalist there are inspired writer Lauren Weisberger for his bestseller baptized the devil wears prada appeared in 2003 and was made into a movie three years later. As a reminder, it is Meryl Streep who played tyrannical editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly, co-starring with him Anne Hathaway and to Emily Blunt.

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Photo Credits: TMC Screen Recording

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