Camille Cottin reveals the money catchphrase Lady Gaga threw at her

People and kings

The French shared a delicious anecdote about the singer.

Hollywood is like that too. Camille Cottin rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in the dream factory while shooting the film The house of Gucci. Film of all superlatives, are Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Salma Hayek, Jared Leto or Lady Gaga. And the latter, who portrays her nemesis in the feature film, was particularly unavailable.

“Now shut up! »

The French actress, passing through the United States of America, showed that they could not be friends from the beginning on the set. “I would have liked to, but she was very focused, she was in character. I’m her rival, I’m stealing her husband, so she doesn’t really love me.”she explained to Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show”. “I have to say, in real life, she is nothing like her character. One day, she was super focused and all of a sudden, she came up to me between two films and said, ‘You’re a beautiful woman and a great actress and we’re going to be friends at the end of the film. Now shut up!’ »she recalled facing the host, cheerfully.

popular success, The house of Gucci was panned by a section of the trade press for its overly bombastic look, despite the seamless inclusion of its 5-star cast.

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