“Canadian trapper wanted”: comments rushed under an ad for a French film

Intrepid French film producers have fallen into a trap by posting a casting notice on Facebook.

Perhaps he is unaware of Quebecers’ irritation with the stereotypical image of the igloo-dwelling, poutine-eating lumberjack saying “Tabernacle de caribou!” which is often conveyed in the French media (such as here, here, here AND here), those responsible for the casting of a French feature film have cast a masterpiece of naivety.

In the announcement published on Tuesdayit says: “We are ONLY looking for the following role: calf – Canadian Trapper Man, 30/80 years old, speaking French with a Canadian accent”.

Facebook screenshot

It was enough for some Quebec netizens to react with humor in the comments.

“I hope that in this film there will be real French people with mustaches, berets and baguettes,” wrote one commenter.

Facebook screenshot

“Can I be paid in beaver?” returned another, ironically.

Facebook screenshot

We don’t know the current price of the beaver, but at 412 euros a day (about $600), there is a way to make money by being the one to play Vic in the feature film, whose title is n unspecified. .

We do know, however, that it will be directed by Olivier Casas and that Mathieu Kassovitz and Yvan Attal will star.

In the comments, she who acts as a casting assistant on the film defended her announcement.

“The description may seem really cliche, but the character is not at all. It is part of a context, in a very beautiful story. We also looked for other less stereotypical profiles, but did not share any ads, because we found it very easily among French-Quebec comedians! We also specify that we are looking for someone with a “real” accent because we have had surprises with accent imitations:)”, writes Eléonore Aguillon.

In this regard, we can only applaud the initiative of the producers to look for a “real” Kebecer, because there is nothing worse than a French trying to imitate us.

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