Celebrity Big Brother: A terrifying and incredibly close boss challenge

Sunday night’s episode e Celebrity Big Brother it was completely fascinating as anxiety and stress were part of him, and that, in perfect symbiosis. Indeed, the final decision of Leo kept us on our toes (biting all our nails) until the last minute.

on the block like Tranna had won the Vetoit was there Stephanie ANTI- Martin. Hugo, the comedian’s loyal partner, obviously voted to keep the latter, but unfortunately he was the only one. All the other celebrities voted to keep Stephanie and send Martin away. The latter had to pack and it was with his head held high and his heart full of memories that he walked through the door without turning back to join. goddess of the evening, inconceivable Marie-May.

On the other hand, just before his expulsion, nothing was gained as everyone was doubting and constantly wondering. Which almost drove Tranna crazy (and us too, for that matter). The poor thing seemed to sink into deep distress, and she wasn’t the only one. His ultimate goal was to get Martin out of the house. Martin, remember, who has the reputation of being the greatest player of the season. Tranna even offered to sacrifice herself in the next takedown if Stephanie decided to change the original plans.

A true warrior who has only one word and that we A-DO-RE!

Speaking of Stephanie, we wonder a lot about what she’s going to do. In fact, we just wonder if his intention to complete the top three with Éléonore and Claudia is real. The one who just last week wished without being embarrassed that one of the two girls would be eliminated.

As for the boss challenge titled ” it’s in the box “, is played between Stéphanie and Hugo and let us tell you that it is very close friends. There is absolutely no telling which of the two will become boss or boss this week, and it’s frankly worrying. Like we said, if Stephanie is boss this week, will she keep her promise to try to be the top three with Claudia AND Eleanoror will he try to forge a new alliance with Hugo and Tranna in order to force the departure of one of the two remaining Musketeers?

It’s hard to predict, but we have to admit that if Stephanie really wants to win Big Brother 2 Celebritieshe would inevitably have to try to get rid of Claudia or even Éléonore, who are now, let’s face it, the two biggest players in the house.

On the other hand, since the boss challenge is tight and only happens between Hugo and Stefania, what would happen if Hugo won and became the boss of the week? We sincerely believe that everything would change in a very radical way and the alliances would end up sinking one by one, as bitterly as the Titanic on that famous evening of April 14, 1912 (we’re nostalgic).

Although Hugo has not won many challenges this season in Big Brother, he will surely have been steel to many, but we think the problem with Hugo is that his loyalty was too limited for some people. If he had tried to keep some doors open for possible betrayals, things would currently be different for the handsome sportsman. Because we will tell each other, there was betrayal in Big Brother Celebrities and quite a bit. But never from Hugo. And while in everyday life this is a perfectly honorable thing, in a game like Big Brother it’s kind of disappointing.

As Martin so well said to Marie-Mai, when she left, ” Its not Celebrity best friendsbut good Big Brother celebrities”.

And we couldn’t agree more!

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