Celebrity Big Brother: Quebec’s reality TV adaptation is coming to Noovo!

Newly named TV channel Now doesn’t have it i go back to school to celebrate, but also adding a brand new show to its lineup next winter. After experiencing a monster planetary success, it’s Quebec’s turn to ride the wave of Big Brother with its own spinoff adaptation Celebrity Big Brother.

It was in 2018 that this new version was launched in the United States on airwaves CBS. Based on the same concept as the original franchise, Celebrity Big Brother brings participants together under one roof to give them a unique experience. With no access to the outside world, they can only rely on their psychological, physical and social skills to get as far as possible in the adventure, and thus earn the title of winner. To do this, they will have to use their intelligence and creativity to pass the tests presented during the season.

For the rest, you will probably have understood, the big difference with Celebrity Big Brotheris that it is stars of all kinds (actors, influencers, athletes, etc.) who will be at the center of reality TV.

The nominees will be revealed soon, as well as the person who will be at the helm of our new TV obsession!

So we stay tuned!

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