Channing Tatum ‘almost killed’ Salma Hayek during ‘Magic Mike 3’ steamy scene

Filming “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” was not easy for Salma Hayek. The actress had a good scare while rehearsing for a lap dance with Channing Tatum, as she almost hit her head while losing her pants.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance : one last lap

Eleven years after the first part and eight years after the second part, Channing Tatum is ready to return as the famous stripper with Magic Mike’s Last Dance. A third opus directed by Steven Soderberghin which the character falls in love with Maxandra Mendoza, a wealthy socialite embodied by Salma Hayek. After introducing her to lustful dances, Mike Lane flies to London with Maxandra to train a troupe and put on a show.

Magic Magic’s Last Dance ¬©Warner Bros.

Asked by People in February 2022, Channing Tatum claimed he wanted to develop “A female character that’s equal, so Mike can play and relate to her”. He added (via Allocated):

The movie really should be about a woman’s experience and not Mike’s, because Mike and other strippers have been treated in previous movies. We want this film to be very female oriented.

A near-fatal accident for Salma Hayek

For her part, Salma Hayek provided AND last November that this role of “strong woman” required a lot of effort from her, specifying that filming was “very physically demanding”. But that’s not all, as she continued:

I play a strong woman. You know how my day at the office went? I sat down and watched 12 half-naked men dance and pirouette. And I had to give them orders.

Magic Mike's Last Dance
Magic Magic’s Last Dance ¬©Warner Bros.

Salma Hayek also had to give of herself for the grand finale, a dance number of about thirty minutes. However, this sequence was apparently not the most dangerous for the actress. Going through talk shows Jimmy Kimmelthe actress also explained the scene of lap dance it almost turned into a tragedy. The star says humorously:

It is this moment when I am upside down. (…) But upside down, you lose your balance and I didn’t do what I should have done during rehearsals. I found my head upside down and almost hit myself. (Channing Tatum) was holding me by my pants, but I was scared because I was losing them and I couldn’t remember if I was wearing underwear or not. So instead of shielding my head with my hands, I clung to my pants. He said, “Raise your hands.” And I said, “No, no, no, no.”

The whole team came in and someone pulled me out of it. He said to me: “What is your problem?”. And I said, “What’s wrong with me? You almost killed me!”

Magic Mike’s Last Dance no release date in France yet.

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