Chrissy Teigen shows without taboo the reality of postpartum on social networks

What will happen after this commercial?


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The star, Chrissy Teigen, is not afraid to show the reality of postpartum on her social networks. The last? A photo that should speak to all mothers…

Chrissy Teigen and her boyfriend John Legend welcomed their third child on January 13, 2023. a little girl named Esti! The mother does not hesitate to share her life and motherhood trials on social networks. While the couple shocked netizens in 2020 when they announced to have lost a little boytoday they continue to share their lives as parents. With humor and transparencyThe star talks about postpartum on her Instagram account…

it certainly isn’t not the easiest time for mothers, breastfeeding, perineum, recovery from birth, transformed body… And often on social networks, mothers do not dare to share the reality of this postpartum. Chrissy Teigen takes the challenge and deliversposting this picture on her Instagram account where we see the mother’s milk flowing. Spoiler alert: that doesn’t stop her from looking amazing in this outfit!

What will happen after this commercial?

The transparency was hailed by internet users

Ylli, now mother to Luna, now 6 years old, and Miles, 4 years old, knows this period like the back of her hand and shows it off with pride. In a style always at the forefront of fashion: a long black dress, a nice knitted vest, elegant boots and a hat to match the beautiful dress. And the little drops you can see on his chest are actually milk leaks, and it happens more often than you might think to mothers who breastfeed their babies. In the comments, Chrissy Teigen’s followers praise the mother’s transparency: “I want you to normalize the first weeks after birth.” or “That’s why I have an eternal love for you, thank you.” Other netizens recount cases when they too had milk leakage, Situations that can be embarrassing for moms, but leaking milk is actually completely normal…

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