Christine Bravo calm: the former presenter of the star reveals the amount of her very comfortable pension

This Tuesday, January 31st, Christine Bravo was invited to the shoot in Jordan at C8. An interview during which the former presenter revealed without taboo the amount of her pension.

A comfortable retreat. If she still appears on the program Les Grosses Têtes on RTL, Well done Christine officially retired. She now shares her life between Corsica and Paris with her husband Stéphane Bachot. The couple primarily manages a barge on the Seine, which they offer for hire. But the former animator can also benefit from the handsome pension she receives every month, the fruit of her many years of work.

Invited to the filming of In Jordan This Tuesday, January 31, Christine Bravo has indeed agreed to reveal the exact amount of his pension. A beautiful sum that allows him to fully enjoy his life today. “I can tell you that I just saw it and it looks really good. I should be on €3100 per month”she stated, before adding:it’s a very nice pension, but actually, compared to all these years… I started working at 17, I’m 66, I just got it. I think it’s great because I didn’t throw things out the window and capitalize to buy myself an apartment. But it’s big for the French.”

Christine Bravo: “I declared everything”

Words that contrast with those of other celebrities. This is for example the case of the singer Stone. The guest of Jordan De Luxe a few weeks ago, the 75-year-old singer revealed that she receives a pension of 1000 euros per month. A very small amount, but ultimately quite logical for Christine Bravo. And for a simple reason. “I love the stone but I would like to know if these artists who now earn a small pension, have not made a lot of money and… understand, I declared everything.she said. I don’t mind guys coming up and saying ‘I got a thousand dollars’, but how much money did you get when you did the gala? I’m not necessarily talking about the Stone. From all. They had beef jerky. I, I couldn’t… but I would have, ah!”

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