Constance in the underworld: what is this thriller worn by Miou-Miou?

We tell you everything about “Constance in the Underworld”, adapted from a book by the writer Jean-Pierre Ferrière and carried by the famous actress known by the nickname Miou-Miou.

Endurance in hell : What is it about?

Endurance in hell tells us the story of an antique dealer of the same name. This last one live a lonely life, however, except for a new neighbor couple, Kimmy and Amine. Thus, the two often pass in front of his shop. Days pass until a famous night, which disrupts the heroine’s existence. There, an Amine in all his states asks him for help. He confesses this to her Kimmy died from a bad fall. Much to Constance’s surprise, Amine wants the body gone. The young man is convinced – especially because of his experience with the law – that the police will not believe him they accuse him of killing his friend. So the antiques dealer agrees to let him have his vehicle until the corpse disappears.

Miou-Miou and Salim Kechouiche in the television film Constance aux enfers © France Télévisions

Amine puts his plan into action and, despite the tragedy, calm returns. Because of their heavy secret, Constance and the latter spend more and more time together. But their apparent calm has been shattered when they receive a letter. Inside, pictures and a ransom note. One of their neighbors knows what happened that famous night. A neighbor that the two protagonists will have to please if they don’t want to get into big trouble. The feature film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jean-Pierre Ferrière. Released in 1963, Endurance in hell has already created a movie of Francois Villiersreleased a year later.

Endurance in hell : With who ?

In the main role of the feature film, the actress Meow-Meow. French actress with an impressive filmography gives its features to the character of Constance. by his side, Salim Kechiouche (Miracles) slips into the skin of the unfortunate Amine. Marilyn Lima (i lied), Leonid Glushchenko (Valerian), Aurora Clement (Isle of Dogs) and Jerome Deschamps (A young girl who is fine) complete the unitary distribution.

In the realization of Endurance in hellstage manager Gael Morel (Depart). The latter also works in the script, hand in hand with the author Gilles Taurand (Twist in Bamako).

Where and when to watch the program?

You can follow the misfortunes of Constance Wednesday, February 1 at 9:10 p.m France 2 !

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