Cow print: the trendy pattern to adopt

Animal prints are always present in new collections. After the long reign of the leopard pattern, would it be time to bet on another one animal print ? The cow that seems to be on track to tickle the leopard, so far undefeated. Here’s how to approach this new fad.

Animal motif: cow print, a new fashion obsession

If we were to get used to the idea that leopard pattern, snake or even later, zebra, were serious fashion allies, we would never have bet on the potential of cow print. And yet, the fashion discussions of the moment revolve only around him.

With inspiration in the street look and in the new collections of influential brands, the cow pattern it may end up being unanimous. It must be said that its contrasting black and white tones and abstract shapes are particularly conducive to sharp looks, whether in small touches on a handbag or on a strong piece like a coat.

Cow print: how to wear it?

How to approach this new stellar print which promises to become a must-have this season? If we believe the queens of street style, the keyword is minimalism. With this model already busy and with a strong visual identity, we avoid the total look (which on the other hand we can try with the leopard, where its colors are less contrasted).

We put everything in one piece for every look. You can choose courage with one cow print pantsor oversized jacket or a long coat. But you can also opt for much more subtle touches with a mini handbag, a pair of ankle boots, a headband, a small scarf or even a belt.

For the rest of the outfit, there is no obligation to limit yourself to neutral and refined shades. of cow pattern Being black and white itself, it allows you to have fun adding bright color to the silhouette with pop orange, cobalt blue or even intense green. All trendy colors of the season are to be considered to brighten up the outfit.

One thing is sure, cow print fabric can be found in both the accessories and clothing departments, and can even be found in decorative items for the home. Would we have found his worthy successor leopard pattern ? Case to follow.

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