Dead Space Remake: a horror cinema genius played it and his verdict is final!

News about games Dead Space Remake: a horror cinema genius played it and his verdict is final!

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Almost 15 years ago, Electronic Arts released the first Dead Space, a game featuring protean creatures from reanimated corpses. Filled with references to The Thing in the used bestiary, the game from the American giant has just received the approval of one of the masters of horror thanks to the latest remake.


  • No one will hear you scream
  • “Big and scary”

No one will hear you scream

The remake of Dead Space (2023) designed by Motive Studios has once again put the spotlight on the Electronic Arts license. Originally released in 2008, the original game traumatized over two million players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The story tells of the arrival of Isaac Clarke and a small team of technicians aboard the USG Ishimura, a giant spaceship that no longer seems to harbor a living soul.

After entering the surface breaker after a hard landing, the engineer will find himself being chased by the nightmarish creature. It doesn’t take long for the team to realize that Ishimura’s staff has visibly changed into dangerous monsters.. Limbs have given way to blades and throats are spitting acid. Dead Space is known as a living tribute to Alien, but also to Event Horizon with its gloomy corridors lit by strobe lights that reveal the existence of dirt.

“Big and scary”

In a May 2013 issue of Game Informer, one of the masters of horror, John Carpenter, explained his love for Dead Space and stated that he would like to direct a film based on the Electronic Arts franchise. At the time, he said all the elements were there “to make a big movie” with “people arriving in an abandoned, closed spaceship with something on board”. Almost 10 years later, the following a little disrespect Coming from Carpenter himself, it looks like a Dead Space movie is indeed in the works, but without the master of horror in the driving seat. “I believe they already have another director. I wasn’t asked to do it” he confessed in variety.

While John Carpenter may have held a grudge, he still professed his love for the license. In a message recently posted on Twitter, he writes that “EA’s revamped Dead Space is thrilling and thrilling“except being one”Great game“. A short message that should please the Motive Studios teams anyway. This is not the only time that Dead Space has interested the world of cinema, as Louis Leterrier (Danny the Dog, Clash of the Titans) had made a report on the license during the development of Dead Space 2. At the moment, we do not know if the release of this remake will accelerate the arrival of a possible Dead Space 4. In every moment, developers say they are ready.

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