Festival of Mirages in Port-La Nouvelle: amateurs and professionals invited to compete

Registrations have already started.

The Mirages Festival, which has planned its event for late 2023, is today opening a call for submissions for its video competition. A call to amateur structures and professional structures. Short themed films Port(s), Place of opportunity “which will, after deliberation by the jury, be projected on the big screen at the Theater de la Mer, Tuesday, December 12. Registrations have started this January, they will be closed Sunday, October 15. The company La Poucette and the cultural center of the city, organizers of the festival, launch this invitation to a wide range of professions. Film schools are invited, but also schools of applied arts such as Esma in Montpellier and all image-related structures such as Occitanie Film. Non-professionals are also invited, only if they are supervised by an appropriate association or structure. During this festival, the 5th grade students of La Nadière College will also be encouraged. As part of the educational actions offered by the college and combined with Nathalie Deumier of the company La Poucette, some of these students participate in the production of a short film. For 2 months, accompanied by a director, they will build their story in images. Their creation will then be broadcast during the screening of the films during the festival to the general public. These same students who will be in the 4th grade at the beginning of the school year will be part of the jury and will have to give their opinion by voting for the best chosen one. The festival will begin Saturday, December 1 in the media library with the opening of the exhibition of 2 artists, the painter, the photographer and the visual artist, followed by the presentation of the festival and a concert.

contacts : a form must be completed and submitted with the video before the 15th October directly to the media library reception, by mail : Town Hall, Media Library service, place du 21 July 1844, 11 210 Port-La Nouvelle or by email at : lapoucette11@gmail.com.

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