FIFA 23 Future Stars Date, Leaks and Player List

As every year, the Future Stars event will be one of the most important events in FIFA 23’s FUT mode. Indeed, Future Stars highlights young players (usually under the age of 23), with cards that are often very balanced and therefore sought after by kes players. Here you will find all the information, official and leaks of this game mode, as well as the various cards and rewards.

Update: Updated as of Wednesday January 1st at 1:00am.

  • A two-week event that will begin on Friday, February 3 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Two teams with Future Stars cards
  • A symbolic system
  • Lots of DCEs and targets
  • Non-scalable cards

Token System, Future Star Rewards List

As for the World Cup or the Joker Winter event, a Token exchange system will be present for future stars. We explain how to get Future Stars Tokens and the rewards you will use them with.

  • 1: A token at the entrance to FIFA 23 (before February 17)
  • 2: A sign through DCE TOTY 1 Challenge (before February 6)
  • 3: A Token via First Holder’s Fiesta aims for a win (before February 7)
  • 4: A Token via Fiesta Goal First Goal Holder seven wins (before February 7)
  • 5: A Token via a special package in the Boutique (before February 6)
  • 6: A sign through DCE Challenge TOTY 2 (before February 7)

Rewards via Winter Joker Tokens

  • Future Stars Team Pack 1 for 3 Tokens
  • Zola Base Icon Card for 5 Tokens
  • An 84+ x20 pack for 10 tokens
  • Countinho Moments Card for 10 tokens
  • Picking a 87+ player (WW, Centurions, Future Stars Team 1) for 15 tokens
  • An 85+ x10 pack for 15 tokens
  • Mid Best Icon Card for 20 Tokens
  • Two 85+ x10 packs for 25 Tokens
  • A Premium icon for players’ choice (between 3 cards) for 27 tokens

Advice: as usual, large card packs provide food for DCEs. They will open at the time of a good special team to hope for a good draw. Coutinho could be interesting given his links, with good Premier League CAMs being very expensive.

Conversely, Player’s Pick 87+ at 15 Tokens seems too risky, as generally this type of deck has little chance of having the best cards from the various promos.

Future Stars card leaks

We present here a list of leaked cards for the Future Stars event. As usual, it is possible that some cards listed are associated with a target or a DCE

Team Future Stars leaks

  • Adeyemi, Borussia Dortmund

DCEs on the periphery of the event

Official list of future star players

EA will field two teams during the two weeks of the event. The first will drop in packs on Friday 3rd February at 7pm, while the second will be available on Friday 10th February at 7pm.

Here are the details and leaks regarding the start date and player roster for the Future Stars event for the FUT mode of FIFA 23. You can find all our news and guides FIFA 23 in Gamosaurus.

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