Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu, 59, dazzled in a low-cut black dress to the navel

And to think that the Philippines Leroy-Beaulieu almost did not play Emily in Paris ! In a recent interview with, the 59-year-old actress revealed that she was considered one too old to play Sylvie Grateau. “Sylvie was meant for a much younger person. But they made me read. So I read the part, and when I read the scenes they gave me, I thought, ‘I know this person so well. It’s funny that I can’t play it.” But it was written for a 35, 40 year old woman.she explained afterwards.

Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu turns heads in a little black dress

But if Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu had lost the role, we would have missed the actress whose career and visibility exploded thanks to the Netflix series. And that would be a shame! Because if we love the character of Sylvie Grateau and her inspiring style, we admire her performer even more, who in real life is also a fashionista with impeccable taste. Filipina Leroy-Beaulieu is the perfect representative of French class, who knows how to combine elegance with a little touch of sex. Like when she shows up naked under a set of sports jackets man. And like any smart fashionista, the actress knows that little black dress it is her best fashion ally to shine in the evening.

Invited to the launch of Jasmin Bonheur perfume, the new fragrance from the house of Guerlain, Philippines Leroy-Beaulieu wrapped naturally in an elegant black dress. A creation signed by Givenchy among the most sensual thanks to its vertiginous V-neckline which plunged almost to the navel of the French star. The actress was simply dazzling as can be seen in the photos of the event that she shared on her Instagram account this Wednesday, February 1. Under the spell, her subscribers did not fail to compliment her, exclaiming: “Sublime”, “Magnificent”, “She is the star”, “You are an incredible woman of extraordinary physical beauty”, “Divine”, “Superb”.

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