Fortnite: Gohan and Piccolo from the DBS Super Hero movie arrive with the 23.30 update

yesterday, Epic games teased without warning the imminent announcement ofa new collaboration Dragon Ball Super to Fortnitethe second of its kind afterwards Unleash Your Power Event. of summer 2022. Goku, Vegetables, beers AND Bulma were then the center of attention, this time, They are his Gohan AND piccolo who are entitled to their quarter hour of glorynothing more normal since it’s a movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which serves as a basis. In the program, of leather in their likeness, even aerosols Piccolo Orange AND Gohan’s Beast (without the color that goes with it…).

Below you can find all the details of this new collaboration added via the 23.30 update.

You’ve enjoyed the power of augmented reality, get ready to repeat the experience with the return of Fortnite x Dragon Ball. On the occasion of the 23.30 update, Son Gohan and Piccolo from the movie Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO land in Fortnite, accompanied by offensive item Kaméhaméha and move item Magic Cloud (Kinto-un) that have been reintroduced. For more, Dragon Ball’s Island of Adventure is back !


During your Battle Royale and Zero Construction games, launch a devastating energy attack, Kaméhaméha, and fly over the island with the Magic Cloud (Kinto)! These objects fall from the sky in capsules, with a frequency that increases as the storm approaches. Expect epic clashes at the end of the game.

Both of these items will remain in Battle Royale and Zero Build until Update 23.40.


The adventure continues!

Go on an adventure in search of Dragon Balls on the Island of Dragon Adventures. Created by creative team Vysena Studios, this island is inspired by famous Dragon Ball locations such as Goku’s house, god’s palace, soul and time room or Beerus’ planet ! At any point in your adventure, you can demonstrate your strength Tenkaichi Budokai, a PvP arena.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 02 31 01 2023

From 31 January at 15:00 (CET)complete the weekly Dragon Ball quests on this island and unlock Gohan Beast Aerosol.

For more, from 7 February 15:00 (CET), complete the new weekly Dragon Ball quests and unlock the Piccolo Orange Spray ! Dragon Ball’s Adventure Island can be accessed from the Discover menu or with island code 5642-8525-5429.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 06 31 01 2023


Whether you’re unleashing your power in Battle Royale, or picking up Dragon Balls on Adventure Island, you can do it as Son Gohan or Piccolo. These new outfits, along with their corresponding accessories, are available in the Item Shop now!


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 03 31 01 2023

Go beyond your limits! Use it Boy Gohan’s outfit accompanied by Built-in Gohan’s Ki Accumulation emote to turn you into a Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan style can be selected from the closet.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 08 31 01 2023

Accessories to accompany Son Gohan’s outfit are also available:

  • Bling on the back of Gohan’s cloak – A gift from Piccolo to encourage him to resume his training. This accessory is included with the Son Gohan outfit and can only be used with it;
  • Gohan’s Ax Pickaxe – Free yourself from your shackles!
    • Reactive – gets electrocuted when it hits a weak spot.
  • Capsule glider N°576 – Belongs to Capsule Corporation.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 04 31 01 2023

Release your inner power. Use it Piccolo’s Ki Accumulation Emote integrated with Piccolo outfit to create the Power Awaken version of Piccolo. The Power Awakened style can also be selected from the closet.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 07 31 01 2023

Here are the accessories available with the Piccolo outfit:

  • Piccolo’s Cape and Turban Back Bling – A cape and turban that Piccolo can put on and take off with his demon power. Included with Piccolo outfit. Can only be used with this outfit;
  • Piccolo Demon Symbol Back Bling – A badge once worn by Piccolo. Included with Piccolo outfit;
  • Piccolo Portable House Pick – Piccolo’s shell-shaped house;
  • Red Ribbon army glider plane – Belongs to the Red Ribbon army.

Players also get loading screen of Gohan and Piccolo in the Piccolo pack or the Gohan pack:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Dragon Ball Super 01 31 01 2023

It’s time to get back to training.

Speaking of the Dragon Ball set, expect to see old Dragon Ball items reintroduced to the store soon!

For more, trends Battle royale, Save the World AND creator were also entitled to their additions and adjustments, to be disclosed on the following pages. As Valentine’s Day approaches, some leather will be available in the next few days. Finally, if you subscribe to The Fortnite Clubyou will be eligible for some new features in February:

Live the adventure of Sylvie, the master smith of an eternal realmwith the arrival of the February 2023 Club Pack. This will be available to all active Fortnite Club subscribers around 1:00am (CET) on February 1st, 2023!


Fortnite Club February 2023

In addition to the Sylvie outfit, the February club pack contains three other items. Always on fire, Sylvie has found the perfect companion: an adorable fire-breathing dragon. Take Dragoto with you by equipping yourself with the Dragoto Rear Accessory. He will encourage you by spitting fire every time you open a chest or eliminate an opponent (you can disable this reaction in the locker). Also decorate your inventory with the Dragotage outfit!

And, to top it all off, hit your opponents with Sylvie’s twin hammers: the Forge Hammers pickaxe.

Owners of the February Club Pack will receive the Forging the Future loading screen as a bonus later this month. Plus, Sylvie isn’t the only member of her party—indeed, the Marsh pack will soon be fighting alongside her! Players who receive the February 2023 Club Pack and the March 2023 Club Pack will receive the Masterwork Pickaxe, designed for adventure. Find out more about the March Club Pack during the month of February!

You can buy of V Bucks in his house Micromania if one of the new items in the store catches your eye.

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