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Gadokou the Star, whose real name is Edmond Franck Yao, is an Ivorian coupé-décalé choreographer and artist-singer, expert in modern dance and gymnastics. From the age of 7, he started to dance more specifically, the traditional dance. Between showbiz and fashion, the artist imposes himself!

Gadokou la Star trained at “Djolem d’Abobo” in 1996. He then became the choreographer of former footballer and singer Gadji Celi. In 2002, Gadokou immigrated to France and became a choreographer for Extra Musica, Manoo Lélé, Petit Denis, Ziké, Molare, Teeyah, JetSet… In 2006, he was chosen as the best dancer in the African diaspora at the Music Africa Awards in Paris . As a musical project, in 2008, he released his album entitled “Holy Territory” in which he released two new concepts, including the songs “Tchi-Tchi”, “Phénomène” or even “Malembè” and “Ya quoi dans jalousie”. , which drives him to the coupé-décalé in the Ivory Coast.

Gadokou la Star makes musicals in Germany, among others “Othello”, “c’est qui” and “7% Hamlet”, he works with Gintersdorfer/Klaßen and with the support of the Goethe-Institut.

For the second edition of the street dance battles by Gadoukou the Star Hamburg 2022, he was accompanied by the theater of Kampnagel – Internationales Zentrum für schönere Künste.

In October 2022, he also worked with the Théâtre Ledoux of the city of Besançon for a choreographic production with the collective Porte Avions and Bison DJ Sorg.

A fashion enthusiast

Apart from show biz, Gadoukou la Star has made fashion her true passion. He cultivates a look of his own, certainly Afro, but also very trendy and futuristic, which suits his personality very well.

The artist has got people talking about him and continues to be the new model in search of new clothing fragrances. His flow, his looks and the warm way he uses to win over his ever-growing audience make him a sure bet for style lovers.

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