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Are you smitten with Gerard Butler and don’t miss any of his movies, including the ones that don’t go through rooms? Try it by accepting the milestones of these feature films.

Has the Gerard Butler film become a genre unto itself? Or rather an action derivative where the Scottish actor would make his big arms do the talking in these various circumstances, like saving the President of the United States three times or the passengers of the plane he is piloting.

Revealed to the general public by his role in 300, Gerard Butler now has his followers, aware of what they will see when the actor is showing a movie, the pool of which is sometimes worth deviating himself. We’ve compiled some of them too, it’s up to you to see if you can recognize the feature films they belong to.

Since January 25, Gerard Butler has therefore been on the poster of Mayday and plays a pilot forced to put his plane into a disaster, not suspecting for a moment that he and his passengers have just entered a war zone .

An action thriller as muscular as its star (or his partner Mike Colter, the former Luke Cage of Marvel and Netfix) and that we owe to Frenchman Jean-Fran├žois Richet, who puts his talents at the service of a film of long that may be ranked at the top of the Gerard Butler Movies basket. With several action sequences (including hand-to-hand combat) that are both tense and readable.

So much so that we would not be against a new collaboration between the director of Mesrina and the actor, who should soon return to the role of Mike Banning in the fourth episode of the saga that started with the Fall of the White House.

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