Golden Globes 2023: The 22 Best Celebrity Looks

After a ceremony without a red carpet last year, Golden Globes 2023 returned to Beverly Hills, California last night to honor the year’s best performances in film and television. Before the big night began, an audience of star-studded guests and Hollywood stars posed for photographers, treating themselves to the game of the red carpet. Something to celebrate the start of award season with just the right amount of glamor and stylistic boldness.

This year, the most feminine silhouettes have attracted attention Golden Globes 2023. Even in the absence of its former creative director, Alessandro MicheleHouse Gucci made a big impact on the red carpet. The white dress of Michelle Williamsdecked out in a number of flips, she’s struck the right balance between theatricality and edginess in this regard, as has her pink dress Julia Garner. STYLE Dior bright yellowAnya Taylor Joyconsisting of a satin bra and matching long skirt, it was as modern as it was timeless. Michelle Yeohwho won Best Actress in a Motion Picture, also wowed in stripped-down styleArmani.

Men, meanwhile, took some interesting fashion risks at the 2023 Golden Globes. Jeremy Pope chose a suit Dolce & Gabbana classic, but covered in black leather, giving it a more subversive air while perfectly adhering to current trends. In a double orange suit from Zegna, Andrew Garfield it also proved that tailoring can still be fun and become a real part declaration. Animator Jerrod Carmichael also let herself be swept up in this inspiration by kicking off the show in a pink satin suit.

Translated by Marthe Mabille

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