How Michel Houellebecq ended up in an erotic film

In the trailer of a short film, the author ofannihilate having fun in bed with a young woman in Amsterdam.

The famous writer, who has already starred in several films, would appear for the first time… in a pornographic film! At least that’s what the trailer posted on January 24 by the Dutch collective KIRAC (Keeping It Real Art Critics) suggests. The scenario described there is astonishing. In the sequence, the author’s face Elementary particles he looks bored and despondent, like a strange bird that has fallen from its nest. The voice of Stefan Ruitenbeek, the director, explains that Michel Houellebecq contacted him after canceling a sex tourism trip to Morocco. She “he had started arranging prostitutes for him a month ago“, he explains about Qianyum Lysis, the author’s wife, which sneaks up from the back of a car. But, for fear ofMuslim extremists, the odd party was eventually cancelled.

Houellebecq KIRAC 27 Trailer (French subtitles) – YouTube

Don’t panic! Stefan Ruitenbeek has more than one trick up his sleeve. “I told him that I knew many girls in Amsterdam who would sleep with the famous writer out of curiosity.The director would have offered him an orgy of relief in the Netherlands. In exchange? “Permission to film everything“. A half weird half dirty deal… that the author seems to have accepted. At least that’s what the ending of the teaser suggests, which shows him in the arms of a scantily clad young woman who kisses him on a hotel room Full movie will be uploaded on March 11. As the author of Serotonin Have you found yourself in such a situation?

Fake Honeymoon Rumors

First, does the synopsis presented by the trailer tell the real story, or is it just staged? “It’s all true“says director Stefan Ruitenbeek about it aftershave. This however rejects the label of “porn movie» and prefers to talk about «sex movie“. A shade that can make you smile.”It’s really a matter of words“, he admits, “there is plenty of room for physical intimacy and eroticism“.

The director claims that Houellebecq had already contacted him after his film Brimstone Honeypot, from which he also appreciated the main actress, Jini Van Rooijen. It doesn’t appear in the trailer, but it plays in the film, says Stefan Ruitenbeek. The interested party has also published a photo of her with the author Submission in social networks.

However, it is difficult to identify the true motives of Michel Houellebecq in this difficult undertaking. Should we see the pure cynicism of an inaccurate new projection? Was there an element of blackmail? The famous writer, awaited for a while the Nobel Prize, which was finally awarded to Annie Ernaux, did not speak on this topic. Recently, Michel Houellebecq had already stirred up controversy talk about Muslimsexpressed in an exchange with Michel Onfray for Front Populaire.

Dutch collective KIRAC (Keeping It Real Art Critics), known for their controversial videos, define themselves as “looking for love, in the form of truth“. Short film “sexual» will be on the 27thth episode of a video series whose publication began in 2016. Halfway between art criticism and short film, they address various social issues, such as sexual consent (episode 9) or immigration (episode 14), with a paste claimed to be libertarian and non-conformist. A position that is not unknown to Michel Houellebecq.

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