How to use ChatGPT: how to use revolutionary AI

ChatGPT is the undisputed star of the start of 2023. And for good reason: powered by artificial intelligence, this chatbot is amazing with the accuracy of its knowledge and ease of use. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

He intimidates Google with his knowledge and technical advances. Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in integrate it into its productsincluding its Bing search engine and its Microsoft 365 office suite. Developers at all levels are working hard to make it run smoothly on all platforms… ChatGPT, the natural language conversational bot developed by the company OpenAI is definitely the star of the beginning of 2023. All you have to do is ask it a question, as you would a human being, and after a few seconds, get a clear, accurate and documented answer, written almost without spelling and grammatical errors, regardless of the language chosen.

With ChatGPT, it is possible to get explanations for any area, but also to create stories from scratch from elements of your choice, solve math problems, write songs, produce summaries of books or texts and even ask him for advice for writing or proofreading. programming code. Everything is relayed in the form of a text so well written that teachers fear its productions will end up in their students’ homework. And we are already at that point defenses begin to appear to reveal the content written by ChatGPT. Its capabilities continue to grow over time, as has its way of interacting with the user since then. artificial intelligence constantly “learning”. What it still lacks: links to current events. ChatGPT knowledge really stops in June 2021.

You may, without further delay, try the experiment. Using ChatGPT is completely free. You can use it directly from your web browser or even use a Chrome or Firefox extension to keep ChatGPT just a click away without having to keep a tab open in your browser. Note that it’s also possible to challenge it via Siri on an iPhone. But in this case, the free use of ChatGPT is no longer unlimited.

ChatGPT requires little information to give you access to the full power of its artificial intelligence. An e-mail address and a phone number are enough. Then you can ask all the questions and riddles that come to your mind.

► Start with open a free account by Open AI to access ChatGPT with your regular web browser. After connecting, the interface appears. It’s in English, but don’t worry, ChatGPT understands French perfectly. At the center of the page are some examples of what can be done, such as explaining quantum computing in simple terms, getting creative ideas for a 10-year-old’s birthday, or how to make an HTTP request in Javascript. An input field appears at the bottom of the window. You should write your question here.

► Use natural language for this, as if you were asking a human. No need to target for keywords or write bullet points. Quite the opposite. The way you express yourself will help the artificial intelligence better understand your request. Also, be specific to get the most important answer. After your request is shown, press the key Hall of the keyboard. For example, we asked ChatGPT to explain the differences between LED, QLED and OLED display technologies.

► After a few seconds, the response text scrolls across the screen. It is quite complete and quite accurate. And in the craftsmanship of the French side, it is also successful. We identified only one lack of agreement (“best control”). But we also note that the text is not finished. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can ask ChatGPT to rework it by clicking on the button Regenerate the answer, placed above the input field. A new text will then be proposed. Note that each answer is unique and varies depending on the question shown and the elements involved in it. With a similar question, each user can receive a differently worded answer. This is one of the great qualities of this artificial intelligence.

► In addition, ChatGPT remembers the context of your requests within the same session. This is how you can request additional information. So we asked ChatGPT: “What is the course of Napoleon 1er ?” then chained with “And Napoleon II?” to end by asking: “Where did he die?” ChatGPT responded like a human every time keeping the thread of a conversation, ie keeping on topic, knowing who we were talking about and not asking for more details. Bluffing!

► Also, if you want to change the theme completely, click on the button + New conversation at the top left of the interface. This will avoid misunderstandings. Note that you can go back to topics already covered and find conversations that have taken place. They appear under the button + New conversation.

► To help improve artificial intelligence, you can click on thumb up or down placed to the right of each of his answers depending on whether you are satisfied with it or not. You can also add a comment (in French) to tell what you liked or didn’t like.

What if you let ChatGPT support your queries made to the Google search engine? This is completely possible using the ChatGPT4Google extension available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. You will also need to have created before a free account with OpenAI as explained in our practice sheet.

► First download the ChatGPT4Google extension for your browser and install it.

Download ChatGPT4Google for Chrome or Edge

Download ChatGPT4Google for Firefox

► Click on extension icon in the browser toolbar then, in the drop-down menu, on the link to identify yourself.

► Once this operation is done, everything is ready. Open a browser tab in your search engine Google then enter your question as usual. Verify by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

► On the right side of the interface there is a field ChatGPT. After a few seconds, it shows ChatGPT’s answer to your search, in addition to the results provided by Google, which always appear on the left.

► Depending on requirements, all information produced by ChatGPT may not be displayed.

► In this case, open the artificial intelligence page in a new tab and repeat your request. You can also click on the extension icon, which will then bring up the ChatGPT page in a small window to enter your question.

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