“I don’t want to dress like my daughter”

What will happen after this commercial?


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Sophie Davant has always had a style that is both elegant and relaxed. But it changes over time. The host told us how at the age of 50 you should know how to dose.

Sophie Davant it is a face that all French people know. Weather, a whole story, It’s in the program, or Affaire Conclue, has been omnipresent on the small screen for 35 years. The journalist agreed to answer our questions by becoming the editor-in-chief of aufeminin this week. She has worked on many topics: projects such as new formula from S le Magfamily, but also beauty and fashion.

She has always taken care of her style very carefully, a style she defines as sport chic. But today, when in a few months she will celebrate her 60th birthday, she admits that she pays special attention. “I care about that, I admit. I have the impression that I am modern, well dressed. i don’t wanna do ‘ma’am’ and I guess I’ll never do ‘da-dame’, but I don’t want to be a kid either. I wore things a few years ago that I avoid now.”

And if he still adores fashion, now he likes to pass on this passion Valentine’s girl and give her the parts she likes too. “I enjoy wearing it the way I like to see it. For example, at Christmas we did a huge sale on shoes and I bought thigh high boots that go up really high, they fit really well. I wore it, I didn’t stop myself too much, but today I don’t anymore.”

What will happen after this commercial?

Sophie Davant, fashion and beauty icon

It is not so much a disappointment for the journalist, because she admits it herself. the more “quiet” style suits him well. “From a certain age, everything that is sober and elegant is elegant. At some point, you can no longer be a fashion victim, or else you’re ridiculous. I don’t want to dress like my daughter, even if she takes a lot of things from my closet. As I get older, I realize the less dressed the better.”

And Sophie Davant has therefore adopted, especially on television, a “uniform”. A combination of simple, feminine, chic and trendy pieces that enhance her and in which she feels comfortable. A well-cut jacket, a feminine top with an original or colorful detail, fitted pants or jeans, comfortable shoes. of Sophie Davant’s style is, in a word, timeless. Like her haircut that evolves over the years while remaining distinct among a thousand. Could Sophie Davant have found the magic formula to become an icon?

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