Is Dave Bautista too ugly for a romantic comedy?

Dave Bautista keeps wanting different roles and would even like to be able to star in a romantic comedy. But when the opportunity did not arise, the actor comes to question his physique.

Dave Bautista, from wrestler to actor

After a long career in the world of wrestling and more precisely within the WWE, we can say this Dave Bautista successfully passed on the film. If his first roles were not necessarily outstanding (as Scorpio King 3), the star has seen her fame grow in Hollywood since 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Playing Drax, the actor had a muscular role but also the opportunity to show himself in a comic and light register specific to Marvel.

Dave Bautista and Daniel Craig РGlass Onion ©Netflix

However, mostly Dave Bautista participated in action films (The spectrum, dunes, Army of Thieves). Which did not prevent him from being noticed in more dramatic scenes (blade runner 2049). Recently, he was convinced again Glass onion and is particularly impressive and moving in Knock in the booth e M. Night Shyamalan.

Give it a romantic comedy!

However, something seems to be missing for Dave Bautista. In an interview with Page sixthe actor really emitted his regret do not search for a very specific genre of film: romantic comedy. Or in the antipodes of action movies in which we imagine it more easily. But nothing came to the table and the comedian is therefore surprised unless it has something to do with his physique.

I know I’m not portraying the typical lead character in a romantic comedy. I’m a bit raw and don’t fit the mold. But I often look at myself in the mirror and think, am I that unattractive? Is there something so repulsive about me that excludes me from these roles? (…) I have never been asked to do a romantic comedy. I still have hope and will keep looking.

A very touching statement of the actor and a foot call for some producers who might consider him for this type of film in the future. We would like to at least see it in action precisely because at first glance we don’t necessarily imagine it in this kind of production. And being, in our opinion, far from disgusting (or no more than others), we would be quite curious to see him in a romantic comedy. That would allow it change again in his choices. The one who said recently that he just wanted “a good actor” and with “more dramatic roles”.

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