Jamel Debbouze very upset with Guillaume Canet!

That day, the comedian may have believed the sky was falling on his head. While he knew the cast of an upcoming feature filmAsterix in the process of finalization, moreover produced by his friend Guillaume Canet, Jamel would have fallen from above: it would not be.

However, the names of the stars that would populate the €65 million blockbuster were falling every day, like Romans falling from the sky struck by Obélix: Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, Angèle… And even Zlatan!

How could Jamel, the unforgettable Numérobis from Alain Chabat’s film, miss this new adventure? The fact is, it’s not there. And according to our information, he would have valued it very moderately to be deprived of the banquet. Because not only, Guillaume Canet did not invite him to his film, but he would not even have contacted him before, unlike Gérard Depardieu whom Canet offered to return to play his role as he said in the interview.

As the film was set to release last Sunday, we also felt the medicine was still trying to break through for Jamel. His wife Mélissa Theuriau then posted, as if nothing had happened, a story on Instagram in which it looks comical, the nostalgic air. Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, the 2002 film in which he starred… All captioned with a “Numérobis” followed by a heart, as if to send a message to his friend, but also to all those who will miss Jamel in this new opus. And there are likely to be many as the critics of this feat are killers! “A turnip for 65 million euros”, for Marianna, which features a “rarely funny” comedy in particular. “A nightmare where nothing is successful”, for Ciné Séries…

world he is no more tolerant who considers that “under Asterix’s moustache, Guillaume Canet wears a disappointed expression that is painful to watch.“A big slap on the cheek to our little Gaul, who had nevertheless explained several times that his feature film had the heavy responsibility of saving French cinema. “If people don’t go, the financiers who invested in this film won’t refinance another film like this“, he explained very seriously to Konbini shortly before his release. Finally, in front of his television screen, Jamel can inwardly thank the gods for not walking into what could become… a huge mess.

Aurelie Descoing

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