Jennifer Aniston reveals herself like never before in Allure

“At this point I have nothing to hide,” says Jennifer Aniston, who literally reveals herself on the cover and between the pages of the magazine. pace. The 53-year-old Hollywood star appears in it wearing a Chanel microbikini, her hair down to her hips and rebellious eyes. For the first time, the actress talks about her failed marriage to Brad Pitt and her unfulfilled desire to have children.

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The photos that accompany the long interview provided by Jennifer Aniston for the magazine are surprising. As well as some details shared by the megastar regarding her highly publicized split with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

For once, Rachel’s famous translator from the series Friends recalls the difficult years of speculation (about the causes of her divorce from Brad Pitt, who had just shot in the movie Mr Mrs. Smith with a certain Angelina Jolie, from her alleged pregnancies), when people and gossip magazines said she was too selfish and career-focused to have children.

“And the reason why my husband left me, why we separated and ended the marriage, was because I didn’t want to give him a child. These were absolute lies. I have nothing to hide at this stage,” says the star, who wrote an editorial for The Huffington Post in 2016 criticizing the media for its “obsession with getting pregnant and its treatment of women in general”.

“I was trying to get pregnant,” she continues, referring to a certain period of her life. It was a difficult road for me, the road of making babies. »

“It was really difficult. I was going through fertilization in vitro, I drank Chinese teas, etc. I would have given anything for someone to tell me: “do yourself a favor, freeze your eggs”. »

The actress also talks about her parents’ divorce, which was very difficult for her (“I forgave my mother, I forgave my father, I forgave my family”, she says) and explains that she feels better today than in her 20s, 30s. that even. his 40s.

And the future

Will he ever remarry? “Never say never, but I have no interest,” she replies. I would like to have a relationship. Who knows? »

What she describes as “constant work in progress » also shares his hatred for social networks. “I hate social media,” says she, who only joined Instagram to promote her LolaVie hair product line. I’m not good at this. It’s torture for me.”

The actress, who would headline the current chapter of her story Rising Phoenix adds that one day she will write her memoirs. “I’m going to stop saying I can’t write. I spent so many years defending my fertilization story in vitro […] The world has created stories that are false, so why not tell the truth myself? I feel like I’m coming out of hibernation. I have nothing to hide.”

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