JLO (53) shows off her slim legs in a trendy outfit

We can’t stop it now… jlo it’s on all fronts! When she is not essential in the fields of cinema or music where she reigns supreme… We find her on Instagram! And on this channel she dangerously flirts with style without ever missing her sexy side. And we can say that Bomba Latina is more than inspired at the moment. Just a few hours ago she stunned us with a sequined mini dress and now Jennifer Lopez offers us another very hot look.

JLo: another hot look

We don’t know where to turn with JLo anymoreShotgun weddingThis is me… Now or JLO Body, what is the common denominator between all these projects? It’s good JLo! If you thought you’d seen everything from the star, that was without counting her fashion collaborations. The translator of Jenny From The Block gives her image to the brand Coach for which she is wearing an oversized knit vest in cream, blue and pink. Under this jacket, his wife Ben Affleck just opted for a black bralette and black leather mini shorts. To complete her look, she decided to combine everything with a pair of cream colored sandals.

JLo and her many careers

JLo collects roles. Sometimes showing one or more movies in theaters, then she decides to drop us a new album… She has no inhibitions when it comes to letting her artistic thread do the talking! But that’s not all, she is also an outstanding businesswoman. Therefore, she continues to collaborate with brands, but also promotes her brand brilliantly. Basically, she plays mostly in the front line and she does it very well.

Holy JLo!

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