John Goodman, The Family, Starring: Jeff Bridges Surprises Him As A “Boy”

It was a big laugh on Friday March 10, 2017 at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where John Goodman inaugurated his star in the company of, among others, a Jeff Bridgeshis former associate The Big Lebowskiat work and a Brie Larson, his on-screen partner Kong: Skull Island, bright. Annabeth Hartzog, his wife since 1989, and their daughter Molly, a film production assistant, were also by his side, very proud. It is enough to be in a great mood, to the point of indulging in dangerous poses, happily diving on the pavement.

As the Jordan Vogt-Roberts-signed reboot inspired by King Kong was released on the same day in American screens, John Goodman, 64, could count on the presence of his partners Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, just to combine the benefit and pleasant, promotion and companionship. The trio were better off in Los Angeles than in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where a few hours earlier the premiere of Kong: Skull Island was marked by a devastating fire!

Revival and adaptation of laughter!

The Chameleon Actor”more charismatic on screen than many leading roles“, as one of the critics of the specialized magazine rightly points out The Hollywood Reporterand a measured man much more relaxed in his hometown of New Orleans than in the shark lake of Hollywood, John Goodman also had the joy of sharing this magnificent moment with the no less charismatic Jeff Bridges (67), almost 20 years after accompanying them. in front of the Coen brothers’ camera in the The Big Lebowski (1998): for the occasion, Duke’s unforgettable interpreter (The Dude) had brought his character’s famous knitted waistcoat, slipping it over his impeccable blue suit as he spoke a few words in praise of his friend , revisiting his famous role. . All that was missing was some white Russian glasses for the toast.

He’s a good actor, he’s a good man, John GoodmanJeff Bridges began by saying, pastiche of the image that Goodman’s character, Vietnam War veteran Walter Sobchak, gives at the end of the cult film in memory of their friend Donny (Steve Buscemi). He is one of us, he likes to be outside and act. As a showman, he’s been on stages from Los Angeles to New York – we’re talking Broadway here – he’s also done some odd little movies. And he lived his life, as many other men of past generations have lived. He is a man of his time, a man of our time and has become a legend. In your great wisdom, Lord, you lived through John as you have lived with so many new young actors before him. I’m talking about men like Clark Gable, Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers – to stay on the West Side – Groucho Marx, Jimmy Cagney. We could go on and on, but you get the gist. In accordance with what we believe would have been your final wishes, we gave these Hollywood sidewalks a star. A star for you, a star because we love you so much. What time is it ? Is it afternoon? Good morning my sweet prince.

A number as delicious as it is unexpected during which John Goodman couldn’t help but laugh.

A transformed man

Revealed in the series Roseanne (Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1993) and recurring character in the films of the Coen brothers – Arizona Growth (1987), Barton Fink (1991), The Big Lebowski (1998), Brother, where are you? (2000), Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) -, the elusive actor is also seen in Artist, Argo AND gamblercurrently expected at Atomic blonde, must have enjoyed this honor and the atmosphere of the moment. Sober since 2007, having reached rock bottom – he has never hidden his difficult battle with alcohol – and metamorphosed after losing many kilos in recent years, John Goodman definitely and more than ever has something to surprise us again.

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