Katherine Heigl, a diva? In the face of her bad reputation, a star protects her

Raised to stardom thanks to her role in Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has earned the reputation of a capricious diva. A small screen star who has already collaborated with him comes to his defense publicly.

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Known to the general public thanks to her role asIzzie Stevens in the series Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine Heigl, now 44, has never had her tongue in her pocket. A straight talk, sometimes awkward, which gave her the label of capricious diva. Indeed, after his shocking departure from medical seriesrumors from the corridor said that the actress was difficult to manage on the sets due to different demands but also due to disagreements with some of her co-stars. Daily Telegraph in 2021, however, a witness had argued a different story : “Katherine was simply in question because she had an opinion, because she was successful, because she refused to pledge allegiance.” Comments that echo those made by Josh Duhamelone of his screen partners, who recalls great memories of filming together with katherine heigl.

Josh Duhamel denies rumors about Katherine Heigl

Guest on the podcast Chickens in the office, Josh Duhamel was asked which partners he had the most chemistry with. Unable to answer as he considers all his collaborations great, though held to greet Katherine Heigl. The two actors gave the answer baby handbook in 2010 (the film is available on Salto) and the threshold of the new year in 2011 and Josh Duhamel has very fond memories of it:Katie Heigl has a bad reputation, but she’s awesome. He took the opportunity to defend his former on-screen partner, who was a bit clumsy at times: “She probably said things she wishes she could take back. But my experience on screen or off screen with her was great.”

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In which projects to find Katherine Heigl after Grey’s Anatomy ?

If you have already reviewed all Grey’s Anatomy on Disney +, Katherine Heigl is also the poster of Always there for you, seasons 1 and 2 of which are available on Netflix. According to the information revealed in her filmography, we can see that she will soon be found in Our homea CBS series that evokes a woman’s struggle to raise her children when her family circle is unstable and painful.

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