Katie Holmes perfectly pulls off the match between her long skirt and ankle boots

Published on February 02, 2023 at 12:00.

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This is the fashion association of the stars for this winter! To be on top of the trend, you need to team up with a long skirt and beautiful boots. Proof from Katie.

It’s true that this winter, our obsession with long skirts has taken over most of our thoughts. This piece, as original as it is practical, has made a spectacular comeback among the extreme cold trends and we have found a number of ways to wear this famous XXL skirt. But what we prefer is to wear the long skirt with boots for a slightly British look, a little Jane Birkin in the 70s… Finally it is not Serge Gainsbourg’s muse who wore this match, but another fashion icon: Katie Holmess. The American actress was seen on the streets of New York in this cute, bohemian, but also modern outfit. Tom Cruise’s ex-wife is currently starring in a show called The Wanderers. Before arriving at the dealership, she must be comfortable, but also confident in her appearance to parade in front of the photographers. Katie Holmes has discovered one long end brown with ecru polka dots, which she teamed with a checked flannel jacket and a pair of brown flat boots. An unpretentious outfit that definitely works.

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© Dylan Travis/ABACA

Some shoes that match the long skirt

It’s an iconic piece in our winter solstice wardrobe, so it deserves some pampering. The long skirt can be matched with many shoes. We definitely think of a nice pair of heeled boots. This season, bare boots are preferred, these slightly oversized boots that look like pleats. We’re also fans of slightly vintage sneakers, which you can even wear with exposed white socks to play the streetwear card even more. And why not try the rowing mule move? In winter they will give you the feeling of being in slippers. A dream when the thermometer flirts with negatives, right?

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