Kim Kardashian just debuted a Marilyn Monroe-inspired blonde hair transformation at the 2022 Met Gala

There they are many parallels that can be drawn between Marilyn Monroe AND Kim Kardashian; topping the list might be their bombshell beauty, which sent seismic waves in their respective eras. So Kardashian’s choice to channel the iconic Hollywood actress tonight at Met Gala 2022 in a nod to In America: An Anthology of Fashion the subject is now the stuff of legend.

I immediately thought, ‘What’s the most American thing you can think of?’ and this is Marilyn Monroe.” the kardashians said vogue. “What is Marilyn’s most American moment and for me it’s when she sang happy birthday to JFK.” When Kardashian slipped up big the dress Monroe wore to support President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday at Madison Square Garden in 1962—a shimmering, flesh-toned number popularly known as the original strip dress—she embodied the star’s iconic style, thanks in no small part to a fresh platinum dye.

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It took 14 hours!

“I wanted a physical change too, so I thought I’d wait and do it for that, so I’m spending a day dying my hair straight – 14 hours straight! – to do it.” the kardashians is explained for achieving the perfect shade of pitch Marilyn bottle blonde with hairdresser Chris Appleton. Putting her twist Monroehairstyle, the kardashians‘Su’s fresh peroxided lengths pulled into an ultra-modern tousled bun. However, further doppelgänger effect were the kardashiansHis winged eyes, tufts of false eyelashes and a soft-focus, Vaseline-like sheen on the lenses. Leave it to him Kim to serve up a landmark, historical moment down to (almost!) every last detail.

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