Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber: Hollywood’s most hated stars

Not because we’re a star and we make “one” of almost every newspaper we’re known for, the “Most Hated Celebrity List” star it’s proof. Among the lucky ones, we find, surprisingly, Kim Kardashian. Could people be getting tired of his overexposure and this personality known only for his reality TV and sex tapes? It must be said that when she claims that she is more famous than Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston combined and therefore deserves her star on Hollywood Boulevard, there is something to upset more than one.

The other star that is starting to worry Hollywood is Taylor Swift. Once America’s sweetheart, people are getting tired of seeing her play the eternal heartbreaker and many now think that the real problem in her relationships is her! Although this year she tried to change her image with funnier clips and TV appearances like on “New Girl”, she took a place on the list of hated celebrities. It must be said that his fans must not have appreciated it when they saw their letters end up in the waste bin unopened…

But don’t let Taylor jump right into a pen and paper to complain about the song, she’s not the only teen star people hate, there’s Justin Bieber too! Transformed into a terrible child of music since the breakup with Selena Gomez, the singer goes through the gaffes, between the aggression of the neighbors, being late on stage or fighting with the paparazzi. A behavior that irritates many people and even his fans today. It has been confirmed, 2013 is indeed the year of turmoil for Justin.

Which other stars are on the list of most hated stars in Hollywood?

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