Lily Collins gives us a style lesson by embracing the mood of working girls

In terms of style, Lily Collins there is nothing to envy Emily Cooper, the main character of the series Emily in Paris that she embodies the screen. Indeed, the 33-year-old has one of the most stylish wardrobes of the moment. Be it for special occasions or brand campaigns, the actress always has the ability to impose her style… But what style! From a suit to a blouse or even a high-impact evening dress, nothing escapes her. She arranges everything perfectly and impresses in every outing. She has once again done the feat and is once again proving her fashion legitimacy.

Lily Collins: in the image of a working girl, she amazes us

Lily Collins poses for Chartier and we have to admit that the series of shots is worth watching. Sometimes in an XXL camel suit or even a brown skirt, blouse and coat, she wears office wear perfectly. Lily Collins continues to put together ultra-fashionable combinations and is slowly establishing herself as one of the girls to follow. If the fans of the series Emily in Paris are amazed by the style of the beautiful Emily, it is equally elegant that of the actress who borrows her features.

Lily Collins is the queen of style

Lily Collins seems to have found a true passion in fashion. Whether it’s her bold looks or even more casual ones, nothing seems to be able to stop the actress’ fashion growth. Indeed, as he wowed us during the series’ promotional tour netflix where she has never stopped being more stylish than ever, she continues to play with fashion codes.

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